If you are playing Pick 3, you must choose numbers from 000 through 999.
If you are playing Pick 4, you must choose numbers from 0000 through 9999.
After this, you must choose if you want the numbers straight or boxed.
Straight means that the numbers you select and the numbers that come out must match in exact order.

Boxed means that your numbers can come out in any order. Since there are more chances to win this way, the payouts are lower. The payout will depend on the number of repeat numbers within your selection:
Name Probability
Straight Pick 4
Boxed Pick 4 (all diff)
Boxed Pick 4 (2 same)
Boxed Pick 4 (2 same, 2 same)
Boxed Pick 4 (3 same)
Boxed Pick 4 (4 same)
Straight Pick 3
Boxed Pick 3 (all diff)
Boxed Pick 3 (2 same)
Boxed Pick 3 (3 same)


Here you can select the state lotteries for the results. For each state and time, you select, the total cost will increase as more tickets will be issues. 

Following the previous example, selecting two $1 tickets for 10 days for two states would have a cost of: $1 x 2 tickets x 10 days x 2 States = $40.

Cut off times show are in Eastern Standard Time and we enforce a cut off of 15 minutes before official closing time. Tickets that were successfully purchased will show in “Confirmation” and “Review Tickets” screens.

For states that offer a double draw, we only count the initial draw for grading. Follow up draws, promotional draws, additional draws or any type of subsequent draw regardless of name will not count for grading.

If a drawing does not take place, you will find your ticket marked as “No Action” and a balance refund will be made for that particular drawing.


If you select a ticket after closing time, we might push your ticket over to the next available day. A pop-up window will alert you to this and allow you to confirm before purchase.

At the time you click “Play” your lotto tickets are confirmed and cannot be refunded. All lotto tickets are final and cannot be voided for any reason whatsoever.

Drawings that use the same result will be capped as a group, so NH, ME and VT for example will count as a single cap. Same as IN and IA. Incorrectly graded plays will be void and not qualify for cash out. Only official results will be valid.

Additional Rules: