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Complete the registration. Once you’ve filled in the details and agreed to our terms and conditions you will receive an email. Please click the confirm button that is in your email confirmation. Once this is done, you will be credited with a $200 balance to start playing. This money cannot be withdrawn and is in place to get you started playing lottery for free!

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Playing lotto on couldn’t be easier. First, select your numbers. You can select the numbers on our combination creator, enter them manually, use your saved favorites or hit quick play for a fast entry into the soonest lotteries. Once you have selected your numbers, you can then select the amount you want to place at risk from the $200 we initially gave you. Then you select what days you want to play and last which state lotteries you want your winning results to be based on. Once this is complete, you will have tickets for the amount, days, and drawings you want. You can buy hundreds of tickets for a few cents each to enjoy daily excitement!

Check Results

When you log into your account, you can go to “My Tickets” section to find all your tickets and see which have won, lost and which are pending. All winnings are automatically credited to your account. 

Within the My Tickets section you will also find a section called “Winning Lotto Numbers”. Here you can see which numbers won for any given state and date. There is also a section called “Check Winning Numbers” where you can see when was the last time, and for what state lotteries, your favorite numbers came up.

Get More Balance

If you run out of balance, just wait 24 hours and your account will automatically be credited with another $200. You’ll get an unlimited number of credits as long as you keep playing and logging in.

Still Have Questions?

To learn more about our games, you can see our Rules, Frequently Asked Questions, Game Odds and our Terms and Conditions. Remember, at Lottery 3000 we want to see you play for free and win!