Frequently Asked Questions

Lotto 3000 is the world’s premier destination to play free lottery. Our games cost absolutely nothing. Read our “How it Works” page to get the full scoop. 

Anyone over the age of 21+ with an email address and valid identification may play our games.

All you need to do is register an account at and you will instantly be credited with a free $200 balance. Use this balance to play lottery games and win!

Play any numbers you like on either Pick 3 or Pick 4. We offer play on Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening or Night drawings from 38 different states and counting. You get to pick the amount you place at risk and see your tickets win! All for free. To learn more, visit our “How it Works” page.

Your odds of winning depend on the type of drawing you are participating in. Here are the odds:



                                           Straight Pick 4


                                        Boxed Pick 4 (all diff)


                                       Boxed Pick 4 (2 same)


                                Boxed Pick 4 (2 same, 2 same)


                                        Boxed Pick 4 (3 same)


                                        Boxed Pick 4 (4 same)


                                              Straight Pick 3


                                          Boxed Pick 3 (all diff)


                                        Boxed Pick 3 (2 same)


                                        Boxed Pick 3 (3 same)


Each winner will be credit with the full prize amount. There is no limit to the number of users who can win each prize. 

On the login form, you will find a link to forgot password. Click the forgot password and fill in your email address. We’ll send you an email where so you can recuperate your password and start winning!

Your security is a top priority – that’s why uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt data between your browser and the web server. All your sensitive information is stored on secure servers which are also protected by firewalls ensuring they can only be accessed with appropriate authorization.